CLVR Bill Review


We provide a suite of applications to help corporate legal, insurers, and eBilling providers save money on outside counsel legal spend.


CLVR Bill Review saves corporate legal departments and insurers money by reducing outside counsel legal costs. Our algorithms are >90% accurate at identifying billing guideline violations including Administrative, Excessive, Grouped Billing, Multi-Time Keeper Review, and Paralegal Worked by Attorney. And yes, we identify Travel and Copy Charges too. CLVR Bill Review
CLVR Claim Viewer shows the big picture context of the legal work on a claim. See the big picture buried under all those hours, events, and legal files. CLVR Claim Viewer
CLVR Maps provides a visualization of your data so you can see where your legal and loss dollars are being spent in a clear intuitive format. If you want your users to see the story behind the data, give them a map. CLVR Maps
CLVR Paper Conversion is the lowest cost and highest accuracy paper to electronic conversion software for corporate legal departments, insurers, and eBilling providers. CLVR Paper Conversion
CLVR Peer Review Benchmark provides frequent, specific, and clear feedback for bill reviewers using a Peer Review Benchmark to help you reduce legal spend and reduce invoice appeals. CLVR Peer Review Benchmark